About Us

Our Mission

femme wares is a curated collective of female founded brands for the wandering soul in us all. our mission is to bring a little more light, love, peace and hope into your day with products that make you feel the best version of yourself!

Our Products

we're about spoiling yourself with self-care, all while supporting female movers, shakers and makers! our products are intentionally curated with our customer in mind, ensuring the best selection of bath & beauty, lifestyle, apparel and home decor goods. life gets busy and, often, women are left caring for all those around them, putting herself and her needs last. at femme wares, we put you first, ensuring that the goods in our store help you feel relaxed, recharged and renewed. we want to remind you that you are an incredible human being with incredible passions, skills and gifts to share with others. empowered women empower women; let us help empower you.

Femme Wares is located in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. 

femme wares niagara local gift shop for wellness, small brands and female founded businesses


Our Founder

meet Savanna Mehrad, the passionate business woman behind femme wares. from a young age, Savanna has been a supporter of shopping local and supporting community artisans. Savanna grew up in beautiful Prince Edward County, a hub for artists in Southern Ontario. as a young girl, she would spend hours in the locally owned shops of her hometown, Bloomfield, browsing the wares, chatting for hours with the owners and even selling her own handmade friendship bracelets at the ripe age of 8. did we mention entrepreneurship runs deep in her blood?

many have said that Savanna's superpower is connecting women and we couldn't agree more! Savanna's career highlights includes over a decade working in post-secondary education, building an online food blog, being published in a cookbook and empowering women to build their own businesses! 

fiercely passionate about women in business, Savanna is also the founder of Chomp Supply Inc. a leading silicone teething & craft supply retailer in North America. Savanna helps women worldwide to realize their crafting business dreams, providing them with safe, high-quality products and a supportive and inclusive community via the Chomp Supply social media platforms and the Chomp Maker Community group on Facebook. 

Savanna holds a college diploma in Business Sales & Marketing from Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario and a Bachelor of Arts from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. she is the proud mama of two little girls, the proud wife to an engineering nerd and a proud lover of coffee and chocolate.

Savanna Mehrad, founder of Femme Wares & Chomp Supply Inc.